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David W. Fontaine
“Financial fitness is not a pipe dream or a state of mind. It’s a reality if you are willing to pursue it and embrace it.” – Will Robinson

David Fontaine has worked for 35 years as a business owner, financial representative, insurance agent, and real estate investor. As the owner of a financial and insurance agency, he grew it into one of the largest in Superior California.During his years in business, he observed the wealth gap and the need for financial literacy education within the minority communities.

After selling his agency, he started the Minority Financial Literacy Center to address this need. As the CEO, he developed the 11 principles for building individual, family, and community wealth. His book offers financial literacy education and wealth building solutions. Mr. Fontaine received his B.A. in Economics from Gonzaga University. He also served as an online financial writer for the Sacramento Observer newspaper, and was an elected school board member.

I was raised in the church and was taught it was better to give than receive. Being the son of a minister it was always assumed that I would be a minister someday. I have always resisted the calling although I new the spiritual power was within me. I had seen and witnessed the use of that power.

Why did I resist this calling? because I always thought of myself as being imperfect, with no right or authority to tell others, what they should or should not be doing.

There is nothing wrong about being wealthy. Wealth gives you more choices. The choice of living in a better neighborhood, attending a better high school or college, eating at a better restaurant and purchasing healthier food, better clothes, better vacations options and leaving a financial legacy for your family or other worthy institutions.

The problem arises when we have the trappings of wealth, like luxury goods, an expensive car or home and our financial house is not in order. Like not properly funding your retirement, saving for your children education or having a life or long-term disability policy to preserve and protect and income. If you are spending more than you’re making to support your luxury life style. The chicken will come home to roast in the future , when you retire and evaluate your limited choices.

  • My pops Isaac Fontaine ll, who believed in me and taught me to dream big.
  • My Mother, Emma Fontaine the rock, who taught me there was a practical side to all dreams.
  • My wife, Sandra Simpson Fontaine, who believed in me and saw what I could be, when I had no idea.
  • David Fontaine II, it’s all for you son
  • Phillip Matthews, whose book discussion in May of 2017, gave me the spark to write this book.
  • Professor Sikes, an English teacher at Gonzaga University: Who told me,” I don’t think you can be a better writer.” After I asked him,” how could I be a better writer”. Revenge is sweet.

The Black Financial Literacy & Wealth Building Bible


by David W. Fontaine

The culmination of 25 years of experience helping minority communities with their financial success. Don’t miss out on this unique perspective from a man who has witnessed the enormous wealth gap in his black community and has built a career on helping those just like you!

Your Path to Financial Success

  1. Began Immediately. Getting started can be the biggest obstacle
  2. Make a written plan of action
  3. Do not take on any new debt—including a debt consolidation loan
  4. Close credit cards accounts by returning charge cards to issuers
  5. Maintain written accounting of all income and outgoing cash
  6. Closely examine all expenses –Looking for ways to reduce them
  7. Began collecting receipts to raise awareness
  8. Cut back on eating out
  9. Save all your change
  10. Sell items you do not use
  11. Put any extra income towards paying off debts
  12. Do not pay for services such as gardeners, house cleaning etc.
  13. Contact creditors in advance to keep them informed and if necessary get temporary reductions in payments
  14. Cut most personal services ( cable, golf, manicures )
  15. Pay your Highest Interest Rates first ,not highest balances

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